This song quotes the bible while lamenting the violent state of the area.
For a parody on a very tech holy night, see "noche de ipad" on youtube.


If the valangaverse is an icon of the creation as Pier Giorgio Sees it, remember that PGF is a devotee of De Guzman the rosary stan.
The first two lines of the rosary come from Gabriel and Elizabeth.
So in fact whatever one may think of the rozencrantz, it is based in the bible. This event is important because it is an icon for all visits to the valangaverse.
An insignificant yet powerful movement of the spirit which baptized john as a prophet. No one could hear his voice yet but he kicked the church into motion so to speak even at that moment.
maybe the angels heard him say "here comes the lamb of God', maybe he was rehearsing his voice for the river dance. che ne sappiamo noi.
is it wrong here to recall that Monday was the feast of Dominic di silos, who is the namesake of Dominic de Guzman? And silos appeared to Joan of Arza whereupon she named her son after Silos. And he baecame Guzman (not shorty Guzman. Look it up.)